Friday, April 03, 2009

Fun Friday Find #3 - Taylor's Eclectic Shop

How cool are these finds for the day - wow... to think what you can make out of paper.... the mind wanders. I am in awe when I come across such art... love these vibrant colors!

The light seems to just illuminate like stained glass windows of a church.... little hues of mosaics to make your mouth water... could be on your end table for $175.

Mmmm.... here is another beautiful piece that could be yours for $125 - love these two colors together - it has a very modern island feel to it!

And to think you could have these tiny mosaics envelope your body... here is a little finger candy that would be fun to wear for only $25.

Well - I think you have seen... there is no going wrong with Taylor's Eclectic Shop and the many pieces of art they have to offer!