Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Rock Out to Some Heavy Metal with Heather Gill of Cherry Creek Designs ~ Meet The Boardwalk Artist Series

Many thanks to Heather for such a great bio! Next week another Boardwalk artist will be featured - so don't forget to stop by!

"I started out my career in 'the arts' in a very different artform. I went to culinary school and became a chef. That kind of life is not for a young family so when I gave birth to my daughter 4 1/2 years ago I 'retired' from the food business.

I needed to do something creative so I signed up to take a class in making jewelry. I found PMC (precious metal clay) and traditional metal shortly after. I love what I do everyday!

I've been featured in a couple books and magazines in the last year and I'm getting very busy. This is much more then I ever dreamed it would be and I'm looking forward to seeing what this year has to bring."

Take a stroll down The Boardwalk next week for another featured Boardwalk artist... until then...


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