Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Couch 2 5K Program - Week 1

I am on week 1 of the couch 2 5K program. If you haven't heard of it is a program designed to get you running a 5k in 9 weeks. So far so good - I finish my 3rd and final day of week 1 on Friday. You are supposed to do this every other day for one week. I am using this supplement to my weekly workout routine. I hurt everywhere right now -but it is a good hurt. My ribs... legs... you name it. After completing this program, I am looking forward to being able to hit the roads again for morning runs along the coast!

To find out about the program check out Cool Runnings

Here is the official Couch 2 5K website

Here is a great site to download the
podcasts Robert Ullrey has composed. I saved them in mp3 format which is pretty universal for ipods, mp3 players etc. To do so on just right click on the "Podcast" link under each week. Then select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As". You might want to create a folder on your desktop for this. Then when the window pops up add .mp3 to the end of the file name and save. This should convert it to an mp3 file so you can add it to your mp3 player or ipod. This is a great tool Robert Ullrey has created because it gives you all the timings for the weeks - as far as when to run, when to walk etc.

Good luck!


Lucie Wicker Photography said...

This is exactly the type of thing I have been looking to do myself, THANK YOU! I will be following your progress too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for telling us how to save the podcasts in an MP3 format...I've been beating my head against a brick wall tring to figure it out! I'm in the process of downloading them to my MP3 right now. You are an angel!!!

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