Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's Time to Suds Up! ~ Meet The Boardwalk Artist Series ~ Featured Artist ~ Jess Glendinning of Chase Street Soap Company

Many thanks to Jess for such a great bio! Next week another Boardwalk artist will be featured - so don't forget to stop by!

"My name is Jess and I have been making soap for almost a year now. I began in our home in Maine, as something to do as a stay at home mom and soap making seemed to fit easily into my schedule with my daughter (I make soap late night after the family is asleep). Now we live in New Jersey and my soaps were an easy thing to transport. It also, although not in the very beginning, makes us some extra money here and there, plus I love it!

My soap ideas came to me immediately. I knew I wanted vegetable based, vegan and environmentally friendly, but to be different and a bit edgy. I knew what I wanted the name to be, how I wanted the packaging to look, the scents, etc. I also wanted to do a men's line, thus, The Salty Dog™ line was created.

I began with 4 different scents in the basics and 6 in the Salty's. Now I have over 40 scents to choose from, available at different times of the year...

My biggest inspiration has been growing up in Maine, my love of the ocean and sea adventures. I feature a sea monster from an old 16th century map as my main logo and paintings by the American artist Howard Pyle on my Salty Dog soaps. I do everything myself, from
measuring, to mixing, pouring, cutting and designing the labels. My standards for quality and perfection border on obsessive-compulsive.

I have included a few pictures of the factory, some of my favorite soaps and one of myself, on a beach back in my home state of Maine, taken by a friend of mine professionally."


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