Monday, August 24, 2009

Inspiration... Where Do You Get Yours?

Art... no matter what medium... is created through individual inspiration. Sometimes we capture it through looking inward... while other times... it comes from outside influences.

Where do we get our inspiration from? Does it come through the wisdom of those before us... or from hands that show years of hard work? Does it come from the innocent face of a child.... or through the playfulness of a new puppy? Do we see it in nature that has been untouched by man... or in landscapes well traveled? Do we harness it from places we have yet to go... or from beliefs that we hold close? Are we inspired by accomplishments once thought impossible to attain... from love that shows no limits... and glasses that are always half full... or from peace in the solitude we seek?

Where ever the inspiration comes from - we own it - we make it ours... and mold it into something new... something for someone else to love... to be inspired by.

In each inspiration there is a story to tell... what is yours?

~ All photos used were captured by the talent that resides on Flickr - thank you! ~

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

~ Say "I DO!" with a Handmade Coastal Wedding ~

Every little girl dreams of their wedding day - they play dress up with friends... someone has to be the Prince Charming... and one lucky bright-eyed girl is Cinderella... through imagination a fantasy is born that will someday become a reality.

Do you remember the feeling when the love of your life proposed? Did you have butterflies in your stomach as you could barley utter one simple yet powerful word... "YES!"

From that point you start preparing for that special day. You want that day to be one remembered... one people talk about... flawless... timeless... and picturesque of the coast you have grown to love.

You know how you want your wedding bands... not store bought... but made from hands that speak passion for their craft. You want the place settings used at your seaside reception to be brought into your home and cherished for years to come. That "Cinderella" wedding dress you once dreamed of as a little girl has been made especially for you... incorporating bits of your childhood memories. You understand and appreciate the work behind making your day one-of-a-kind and you know that no one will have the wedding that you do... for it is unique... it is you... it is handmade... Coastal style.

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