Monday, February 21, 2011

Portfolio... Starting Young...

My teenage daughter loves art... creating, manipulating mediums and dreaming up her next idea.  I think I was about her age when I really discovered my love for creating... and once I got a taste I was hooked!

She recently had a piece of her work "Vases" submitted to the 2011 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition.  There were over 12,000 submissions and she was awarded a silver key for her drawing.  It was a "blind" drawing in which she was not able to look at her paper while she drew. 

drawing by Taylor Kunselman
Beverly High School

The artwork of all gold and silver key recipients will be hanging from Feb 14 - April 7 at the State Transportation Building in Boston.  On March 6th there will be an awards ceremony for all.

Below is a tile that was supposed to be submitted as well but was not finished. It is a 11Wx9.5H hand created 3D tiled mosaic of the landscape of Greece.

Mehndi Art inspired the following drawing which was submitted for the final of the class.

I admire what my daughter has accomplished at only 16 and look forward to seeing her grow as an artist, athlete, scholar and individual in the years to come.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Get paid to shop by

Get paid to shop by

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Sunday, November 21, 2010


You may not remember - but last year for Halloween I created a boutique outfit for my youngest daughter that got rave reviews! I have become hooked on appliques and decoupaging clothing to create that one-of-a-kid look. Here is an outfit I just finished.  The applique was drawn by me and hand sewn (after the iron on procedure) to the shirt.  I also made a matching bow complete with coordinating button.  The tights and skirt were purchased to complete the outfit!  The fabric was purchased at a local Salem shop.  The whole outfit cost less than $30 - that included a handmade shirt and bow, tights and skirt! Keep an eye out for her holiday outfit next month!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Work...

Here are two more additions that will be sent to Eco 1st ArtEco 1st Art carries upscale earth friendly items.  I haven't heard yet if there has been an official launch - however, there are now many items for sale - check them out!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hunting Season


I know it is still summer - but the air has that coolness that fall is close approaching.  Fall and winter are the best sea glass hunting times.  Storms and rough seas churn up the oceans floor exposing more gems on the shore.  You can find me on the beach in the dead of winter on a stormy day... snow falling... winds blowing and I am out there collecting when everyone is sipping hot coca fireside. 

I was out collecting recently at a couple of my favorite spots at an early low tide and realized that the pickings were just not that good.... and at places that usually yielded great loot all year.  It got me wondering if someone had been there before me... had more people discovered my "secret" spots? Or is it the fact the shore and sea are changing and just not producing the bounty it used to.  Or could it be a fluke day? I hope it is the latter and that the bounty returns this fall - I really don't want to go out of business!