Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jump Into These Coastal Creatioins! ~ Meet The Boardwalk Artist Series ~ Featured Artist ~ Norma Gafford of Beachcombers Cove

Many thanks to Norma for such a great bio! Next week another Boardwalk artist will be featured - so don't forget to stop by!

"I am a retired hippie..... livin' the dream of being a creating artist and loving every minute of it. (Actually I am a retired art teacher.) Inspired by the ocean and sky, every day is an adventure on the Texas coast.

My philosophy is: Life's a Beach and we may as well jump in and make a splash!

I love to design in sterling silver wire. Most of my pieces are inspired by the natural beauty of the ocean and beach. All of the work is designed and hand-made by me.. I make my beads by the lampworking method. This is an ancient process where glass rods are heated until molten, then wrapped around a stainless steel mandrel, which forms the bead. Then the beads are kiln annealed for durability. Other materials such as Thai Silver, Gemstones, Shell, Bone, Leather, & Beach Glass sometimes add to the variety of design.

My 2-dimensional work is also inspired by the sea and air. I love to draw and paint fish, mermaids, turtles, dolphins, all kinds of sea and beach creatures. My favorite media are colored pencil, pastels, and watercolors.

Life is too short to wear boring jewelry. Jewelry should be FUN!"

See more of Norma's work here: