Monday, April 06, 2009

Brand Your Business with a Great Logo Design

I wanted to do a spin/repost on great logo design from last year as I think it is very helpful when starting your business.

When I started to get serious about marketing materials for my business - I knew I had to start with a logo. I wanted a "brand" and a logo that was eye-popping - something that if people saw they would say - "Oh yeah - that is Sea Glass Things!". I know this type of thing can be costly if you were looking into a design firm or something of that nature... So I started exploring other non-traditional avenues.

Keeping with my theme of handmade, I decided to look on Etsy. I set up a "Custom" call out to see if there were any graphic designers that would be willing to take a crack at what I wanted. I wanted a catchy logo... it need to envelop the essence of my work... something that could easily be translated for advertising online or print... and lastly, it had to be cost effective. I ended up getting a slew of responses and chose Curious Ink. I loved her proposal - not only is she super talented - she is easy to work with and keeps you involved in every step.

She took my notes and off she was to create my logo. Once she had drawn it out - she colored it digitally in either Photoshop or Illustrator (can't recall) and presto! I had one amazing logo. She let me choose from 6 designs she had created and worked to fine tune the one I selected until it was perfect. She also emailed me MANY various file formats - so I was all set! The whole thing cost me about $30 - not sure what she has for deals now - but her work is top notch!

If you are looking for a talented designer to get you started and brand your business I think Curious Ink is the way to go - check out the shop and her work!
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