Monday, February 21, 2011

Portfolio... Starting Young...

My teenage daughter loves art... creating, manipulating mediums and dreaming up her next idea.  I think I was about her age when I really discovered my love for creating... and once I got a taste I was hooked!

She recently had a piece of her work "Vases" submitted to the 2011 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition.  There were over 12,000 submissions and she was awarded a silver key for her drawing.  It was a "blind" drawing in which she was not able to look at her paper while she drew. 

drawing by Taylor Kunselman
Beverly High School

The artwork of all gold and silver key recipients will be hanging from Feb 14 - April 7 at the State Transportation Building in Boston.  On March 6th there will be an awards ceremony for all.

Below is a tile that was supposed to be submitted as well but was not finished. It is a 11Wx9.5H hand created 3D tiled mosaic of the landscape of Greece.

Mehndi Art inspired the following drawing which was submitted for the final of the class.

I admire what my daughter has accomplished at only 16 and look forward to seeing her grow as an artist, athlete, scholar and individual in the years to come.