Saturday, April 26, 2008

Etsy Product Review #1 - Logo Design by Curious Ink

I have decided to do product reviews of items and/or services I have purchased on Etsy. I find it helpful for customers to know quality and the total ins and outs of customer service when purchasing an item and/or service.

The first product review will be Curious Ink. I put in an Alchemy request on March 14 , 2008 for a professional logo design. I had decided to change my branding image and get everything professionally done to have a more unified and streamlined look to my shop and blog. So first things first - I wanted a logo - one that represented me and what I do. I also needed a logo for advertising purposes and to be of high quality and resolution to be reproduced into print work as well. I received 16 bids on my Alchemy request. I carefully went through each bid - inspected the work of each bidder and made my choice - Curious Ink. That same day, Amy (from Curious Ink) accepted my request and contacted me. We were off! I had originally but my bid at $15 - basically just ball parking. Her bid came in at $30 - however, you totally get what you pay for. I was impressed with her work from the start - her attention to detail was astounding - she has insane talent! She was on the ball and I was a part of every step in the process. I felt like I was the decision maker in how my business "image" was going to be developed.

In my Alchemy request I stated: "I need a logo designed for my shop that I can use for advertising purposes.. print and Internet. Must match the mood of my store - be timeless and fresh." and with Amy that is exactly what I got.

From initial acceptance of the Alchemy bid, to delivery of images the process took 13 days... every bit worth the wait. I didn't have a time stamp on when I needed this done - so I am sure if time were an issue she would make every effort to meet specific deadlines. Check out the process via the pics. I highly recommend Curious Ink for all your graphic needs!

Check out her work at two different sites below and click here to email Amy regarding custom graphic needs for your business or self:




SatinDollCo said...

I love your new logo, it's so good. Props to the person who came up with it.It's genius and it represents you and your shop the best.

Waterrose said...

The design is perfect! I like how she thought about how sea glass is made...lovely colors too.

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