Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Sad Farwell To American Idol Carly Smithson - WHAT! Can America Not Hear?

Again - I get sucked into watching this mindless show - only to be let down. I mean Carly Smithson - she - is the best female signer of this season! I seriously can't believe Jason Castro is still squeaking by... mainly because of all the young girls voting for him - ack... Brooke - very nice and classy girl - but sorry folks - no where NEAR the talent of Carly - and so sick and tired of Syesha's ego... I seriously don't think the stage is big enough for it... again good singer but sorry not NEAR the talent of Carly... I will also address that it's not the first time Brooke and David Archuleta messed up (or forgot) their lyrics! OK - enough of this random rant - I really am just sick of these "talent shows" not being about the "talent" - but about how popular the person has become to the viewers.

It should have been Carly and David Cook in the end... Well - at least when the ones that ARE the "stars" are let go early - they are the ones that make it big... unlike... Ruben... Taylor Hicks... who? who? Not that they don't have talent - but let's see - last time I checked it was Chris Daughtry that has sold millions of albums.... I have said enough...
I will be tuned in next week only to reel in disappointment again.
I would love people to share their opinions - however, in sharing let's keep it kind and clean for everyone!


Anonymous said...

Taylor is HOT!! Clean out your ears, hon - you wouldn't know talent if it kicked you in the ass.