Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Beachcombing Bliss - The Shore is Reborn With Every Change of Season

Ahhhhh.... a cold and seemingly endless winter has come to an end. Spring has sprung - you can smell life in the air. People start to move, colors and sounds change... the days become longer - there is a rebirth. Summer is around the bend and even the waves on the shore change to bring forth the turning of seasons.

I haven't stepped on the beach to collect all winter. My hibernation got the best of me. I have recently returned to the peace the ocean brings - it is my therapy... my connection... and in doing so have cultivated a plentiful bounty... coveted... admired... and the first of many.


These pictures are the first bounty of the season. We went out for the first time last Sunday - which is rare for me seeing as I cultivate all year - however, couldn't muster up the gusto this winter.


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