Monday, April 07, 2008

Etsy Featured Artist - Week of April 7th: Snitter Dog

Oh boy... looks like I will be posting featured artists randomly now - seems like I just can't make it to the computer to post as much as I would like. Last week was crazy busy so I didn't get anyone posted. So - here it is April... and the April 7 - April 11 featured Etsy artist is Kerry from Snitter Dog. Read her story, check out her store and leave comments!

Snitter Dog by Kerry:

If you are looking for some fun and funky artwork to spruce up your bare walls... look no further! Kerry, of Snitter Dog, may have just what you need... color, passion, talent... and artwork that tells a story. Whether you are in the mood for cute, mod, or something slightly bizarre... she has it. Kerry's bold colors, and attention to detail sets her apart - and she has something for everyone. Since being on Etsy only five months - she has already built a client base and continues to thrive. Oh - and if she wasn't talented enough already - she also creates jewelry and paper goods that she sells in her two OTHER Etsy stores:
and - Check out her amazing talent in her store and find out more about her below!

Question & Answer with Snitter Dog!

Q: Tell me a little about yourself… your background and how long you have been involved in your art/craft/hobby…
A: I am originally from southern WI, and have been doing art since I was a very small child...When I was a kid I was always doing something creative-- drawing, painting, making friendship bracelets...I wound up at UW Madison at age 18, where I studied fine art. I received my bachelor's degree in 2001....It was here in college where I started using watercolor a lot-- It's the medium I use most frequently now.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
A: I get my inspiration from a variety of sources...While in college, I was very interested in dream imagery and personal symbolism...I use this occasionally still--if something is on my mind, I will try to create a piece of art based on what I am feeling...Also, I often just see something in the world-- and it inspires me-- like certain color schemes, textures, and it makes me want to create!

Q: What mediums are involved in your work?
A: I currently use a lot of mediums-- I have trouble sticking to just one!...I probably use watercolor and gouache most often...I also am very fond of a fine point bic pen, colored pencils, and embroidery thread....

Q: What would set you apart from your competition?
A: I think what sets me apart from the competition, is that I am reluctant to throw just anything out there...I spend A LOT of time on most pieces....I like to make sure that if I am trying to sell it, that it is worth the price I put on it...often more....

Q: What piece are you most proud of?

A: I am probably most proud of my painting, The Conception of Dorothy Gale-- it is a watercolor/mixed media piece...I worked on it on and off for a couple of years, and it's fairy large scale in comparison to the sizes I usually work in...I think it turned out pretty well :)

Q: How do you market your products in and out of Etsy?
A: I try to market my products in a variety of ways-- I am a member of Indie Public, Flickr, Marmalade Pink, I blog, and I also participate on the Etsy Forums....there's probably more ways I market...these are the first ones that pop into my head! :)

Q: If I were to ask you – “Where do you see yourself in five years.” – What would you say?
A: In five years, I will probably still be a poor artist!...Although I hope I won't be :)

Q: Lastly, tell me something I should know about you – funny, quirky, profound etc. anything you would share with the Etsy community?
A: ...something to know about me-- my Dad was my high school principal :)...It was actually not that bad-- if I ever forgot my lunch money, I just had to go and hunt him down...and I got to alter my class schedule to get my favorite teachers :)

Thank you to Kerry for taking the time to answer the questions and much continued success in the future!

Stayed tuned for more great artists to be featured in the up coming weeks!!

Feel free to drop me a line of someone you would like to see featured as well - just email me!


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