Friday, June 26, 2009

Creative Marketing... Put a Smile on Your Customer's Face!

Jackie Millette - one of my dear friends - came up with this great marketing opportunity for her husband's trade show for his business Affinity Liquidation & Brokerage Company. She grabbed multiple boxes of the large Willy Wonka pixie sticks at BJ's and taped 10% off coupons to the top of the labels... and handed them out to potential customers! They were a huge hit for the young and old alike!

Now, she sent me home with her left over - unused sticks for my kids - ACK! I was just about to throw them out... when I decided to attach my business cards to them. I thought they would be super fun, summery and attract people into my tent for my upcoming SOWA show on June 28th.

The point being - think creatively - think out-of-the-box - when it comes to marketing your business... be the business people remember!