Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Bloggin' Blues

Lately - I have had a hard time blogging... not sure if it is a rut or the fact that summer is
here and I don't really want to spend time on the computer anymore - but I haven't been consistent. I love consistency. My method probably is what most people use... I sit in front of the computer and stare at it until I get an idea. That works maybe 65% of the time for me. The other 35% of the time I actually attempt to come up with something ahead of time. I always was a procrastinator in school... so what makes this any different!

During the time I am not forced into a battle of the wits with my writers block - I am blogging about new work, trips, artist interviews and other tidbits pertaining to my work.

When I asked some others to share about things they do to keep blogging here is what they added:

"I just think about what I've done, seen, or read about creatively in the past few days and think if any of that can be written about for a blog post. For example, maybe I read about an artist who is doing something interesting and then I can blog about them, or I started a new project and I can blog about my progress, or I went to a show that was inspiring. The great thing about blogging is that it can be about anything at all!" Jessica Burko - Reclaimed To You

"I generally look for other artists to highlight. I'll either showcase their work or send them some interview questions. then it writes itself!" Lucie Wicker - Lucie Wicker Photography
So... start thinking about different things you do on a daily basis to keep writing... blogging... and forging ahead into this literal cyberspace we all seem to be so entrenched in! Oh - and remember to have fun with it!


Carlotta said...

it's probably summer but I'm writing less on my blog and have no time to visit other blogs..but every morning while having my breakfast I hceck my fav blog updates..I have to I can't start my day without :)

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