Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hunting Season


I know it is still summer - but the air has that coolness that fall is close approaching.  Fall and winter are the best sea glass hunting times.  Storms and rough seas churn up the oceans floor exposing more gems on the shore.  You can find me on the beach in the dead of winter on a stormy day... snow falling... winds blowing and I am out there collecting when everyone is sipping hot coca fireside. 

I was out collecting recently at a couple of my favorite spots at an early low tide and realized that the pickings were just not that good.... and at places that usually yielded great loot all year.  It got me wondering if someone had been there before me... had more people discovered my "secret" spots? Or is it the fact the shore and sea are changing and just not producing the bounty it used to.  Or could it be a fluke day? I hope it is the latter and that the bounty returns this fall - I really don't want to go out of business!