Sunday, November 08, 2009

Journey to the Shore...

Oceans of blue capture bits of history
Relics that were once known
And some still remain to us a mystery
Shards of glass, pottery, porcelain and stone

Transcending through the waves of time
Far beyond where they began
Each journey different and so sublime
Reaching near and distant lands

Surf gently laps the sun soaked shores
Seafoam turns to frothy white
And brings about gifts and lore
Of mermaids and shipwrecks alike

Footprints in the sand are left behind
But slowly disappear
Searching for that one rare find
Glistening in the warmth… a souvenir

Soft greens remind of something sweet
While cobalt sends a warning
Red held wine for the elite
Lilac shades the sun is turning

A bounty the sea has left behind
For others to reclaim
Destined again to be refined
“Sea Glass” we call it by name.

Photo by Denmarkguy on Flickr

Author: Marla Kunselman of Sea Glass Things


Deanna said...

What a beautiful poem! I love seaglass. I have an open wooden box displaying seaglass, small shells and even a partial $20 dollar bill from Paradise Island, Bahamas where I lived for a short while. I miss it!

Ann said...

That is indeed a beautiful poem. I have a friend at work who loves to collect sea glass. She's a big jar full of it. She's always telling me about her big finds.