Monday, September 07, 2009

School Daze.... Saying Goodbye to Summer...

For most kids…. School has already begun… for the lucky few… they can savor the last days of summer for just a little bit longer.

You can tell fall is in the air… the sun sets earlier… mornings are just crisp enough for a sweatshirt… back yards are more quiet during the day… parks more empty… and streets more crowded in the afternoon. The smell of suntan lotion slowly starts to fade as the aroma of freshly sharpened pencils take its place. In the hall… backpacks now take the place of flip flops and wet towels.

Alarm clocks don the new day instead of a lazy late morning phone call from a friend down the street. Life guards are leaving for college and beaches show little trace that summer was even here…

The lazy, hazy days of summer soon start to fade from our minds…. As the hustle and bustle of school days… schedules… dirty cleats and paper bag lunches move right on in.

Soon… apple pies will be baking… turkeys will be carved and sleigh bells ringing… And summer won’t seem that far away anymore…

Photo From Frank Scallo on Flickr

PS: There is one place you can be sure to find handmade beach inspired goodies all year 'round - The Boardwalk on 1000 Markets.