Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Home Decor that Brings the Beach to You! ~ Meet The Boardwalk Artist Series ~ Featured Artist ~ Shari Curtiss of Beach Grass Cottage

The Boardwalk - on 1000 Markets - welcomes a new artist Shari Curtiss of Beach Grass Cottage!

"Hi, shore lovers~

I'm Shari Curtiss, owner/artist of Beach Grass Cottage, and I admit it-- I am a self-proclaimed beach girl and shore lover! It probably started growing up on a lake in Michigan, being a short drive to the pristine beaches of Lake Michigan. Lots of trips to the beach with friends!

Then, something happened that cemented my love of the sea. My family began vacationing on Anna Maria Island, on Florida's Gulf Coast, and I was officially hooked! My parents bought a condo there and became snowbirds, and I began yearning for my already frequent visits to the shores of AMI. Crossing those bridges was like coming home; still is today.

My mom and I fell into the crazy habit of getting up in the early am, before the sunrise, in the dark, and getting to the beach to "get the big ones" before the other beachcombers arose. My family just shook their heads. Often, our diligence was rewarded, with us bringing home a bounty of gorgeous shells, sea glass, and prizes washed in to the shore. Every day was fueled by the thrill of the hunt! I was hooked on seashells and the sea forever!

Professionally, I have extensive experience in the gift industry, first owning a corporate gift company, then moving on to Beach Grass Cottage. What better way to follow my passions than to use my God given gifts creating beautiful things from the bounty of the ocean! To be able to do something you truly love, and to have the talent for it to actually survive at it, is such a blessing!! Beach Grass Cottage truly was a dream realized through many prayers.

Beach Grass Cottage is located in Portage, Michigan, near the pristine beaches and resort communities of Lake Michigan, home of obsessively devoted beach dwellers, killer sand dunes, casual lakeshore living and the most gorgeous sunsets on the planet! While our main line of products will always be beach glass and seashell decor and gifts, I also have a second business in custom floral design and also dabble in refinishing "junk" antique furniture. I live in Portage, Michigan with my husband and two sons.

~ Shari"

Check out Beach Grass Cottage on 1000 Markets and Shop Now!

Thanks for strolling by The Boardwalk... Where we hope the sun is always shining!


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