Friday, March 20, 2009

Fun Friday Find #1 - Metal Taboo

Check back every Friday as I post a new fun find of the day. This fun find for today is a cool oxidized sterling stamped ring that reads "Rock Star" for only $38.

Hey didn't you every want to be one? I remember rockin' out in the basement to the Go Go's - playing my air guitar in the early 80's. Was I the only one that loved Shaun Cassiday??? Ahhh... those were the days....

What about Queen?? Well you could be their bitch.... wrap this on your wrist for $38!

The first time I saw Axl Rose open up for Aerosmith make me think I should have been wearing this little beauty - and it's only $42. Point is - don't think you can go wrong with the fun, hip metal designs of Metal Taboo

Check out Metal Taboo - give them some lovin'!

Metal Taboo on Etsy