Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day Out - Gloucester, MA

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day to live by the coast... a nice meandering ride up through picturesque New England towns, dinner at a well liked spot downtown and sweet goodness for the ride home - what could have been better!

My mother, two daughters and myself went out for Mother's Day this year. We left on our adventure up the New England North Shore Coast to Cape Ann... Gloucester. Known as a fishing port, Gloucester is a diamond in the ruff... and there is a lot to see and do without spending money!

We first went to visit Rocky Neck - the Artist Colony... it was a beautiful day to meander through the galleries... the ones that were at least open. After that we took a ride through the town along the coast to the breakwater - we parked and walked out on the slabs of granite watching the waves crash against them until we reached the end. Then turned around and hurried back as the waves were now crashing and coming over the breakwater because it was nearing high tide.
We took a nice ride out and along the coast yet again to Rockport and then back into Gloucester stopping at Halibut Point for an early dinner. An ice cream at Captain Dusty's in Manchester by the Sea was a perfect finish to a wonderful day as we headed home!


Liz said...

Wonderful blog love pictures of Gloucester