Friday, February 24, 2006

Sea Glass Jewelry

My many years of collecting have lead me to actually finding a use for these gems. I decided to create jewelry using the glass and sterling silver. Everything was self taught. I started with the simple art of wire wrapping, then moved on to drilling and now I am in the beginning stages
of soldering. About 13 years ago I began to sell my pieces through private sale - word of mouth. Since then, I have a web site, I have been in a local Salem gallery and I have sold wholesale to a local shop, Port Maia. I am constantly thinking of new and exciting designs. I have started a home goods line - except for the wine charms I have been making for years. I recetly found a fantastic site - Etsy - to set up shop and sell my items online. Things are really starting to take off now! Hopefully someday I will be able to actually have a "professional" design a site for me... but this will do until then.


Annie said...

I love this photo, that stack of seaglass is so pretty! I want to try looking for some on our local beaches when it warms up a bit.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Absoltely proud of you...continued tremendous success!!!

Momo said...

The sea glass is mesmerisingly beautiful. I also imagine the stories that come with each one. Lovely!

Sea Glass Secrets said...

I am in love with that bauble. It is just fantastic.

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